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Meet eight Maasai rangers -- the first women in their families to get jobs -- fighting poaching around Kenya's Amboseli National Park

Packing her bags to go home for the first time in over four months, Maasai ranger Purity Lakara -- who patrols lands in Kenya's Amboseli National Park, known for its free-roaming elephants and views of Mount Kilimanjaro -- is overjoyed to be seeing her family for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic was declared. Link to Story

Art Is at the Heart of This Modern Iceland Home

Entrepreneur and art patron Oliver Luckett moved to Iceland with his partner Scott Guinn in 2015, intending to take a break from working in California and perhaps work on a second book. Instead, the couple went on to organize music festivals, establish multiple companies and transform their home there—one of Reykjavík’s most iconic properties—into a community arts hub.
WSJ Mansion Link to Story

Why Art Collectors Fly Privately

Art, as they say, is everywhere. That’s why traveling to see it by business jet is such a boon for collectors and curators.
Business Jet Traveler Link to Story

This Modern Winery Is Where Italy's Most Expensive Wine Is Produced

Looking up at Masseto Hill, a tiny protrusion amid the green and terracotta hues of the Tuscan landscape, it seems almost impossible that its seven-hectare vineyard could conceal a modern winery where Italy’s most expensive wine is produced. The “unicorn” Tuscan merlot in question is now made entirely on—and deep within—the tiny hill of rare blue clay which distinguishes its wines.
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Beef: It’s What’s For Dinner. All Ten Courses.

“We really showed that [wagyu] is a full, a full round ingredient, rather than just this luxury fatty beef on a plate for once course,” he says. Wagyu is revered in the beef industry for its lacelike, marbled intramuscular fat. The marbling gives the meat its buttery, melt-in-the-mouth texture—and propels its cows to fetch up to $20,000 or more at auction in Japan, Zimmerman says.
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Where to find the world's best bread

San Francisco’s tradition of making sourdough dates back to the mid-1800s gold rush, when bakeries crafting bread to Italian and French recipes were perplexed to find their loaves had a sour taste and kept for longer – qualities the miners appreciated during long prospecting trips. Later, it was discovered the bread’s distinctive flavour was due to ambient lactic-acid-producing bacteria, subsequently named L. sanfranciscensis after the city. A number of SF bakeries bake fantastic sourdough daily, but you’ll find one of the best at Chad Robertson and Elisabeth Prueitt’s Tartine ( in the Mission district. Tartine’s Country wild yeast levain - its signature loaf - has a craggy, blistered auburn crust which shatters as you bite in, yielding a soft, airy texture and pearlescent crumb.
The Telegraph Link to Story

Party On: California’s Sustainable Food and Fashion Scenes Converge on Angel Island

Local thought leaders convened for a one-of-a-kind dinner and discussion on the future of their industries. On Wednesday, Sept. 11, supporters of the slow food and slow fashion movements — including the brains behind some of California’s most beloved brands and restaurants — gathered at Angel Island State Park in San Francisco Bay for an evening of thoughtful conversation surrounding sustainability.
C California Style Link to Story

Lake Como's New Guard

Before George Clooney bought Villa Oleandra and invited Harry and Meghan to stay, Lake Como’s Grand Hotel Tremezzo, in Tremezzina,was the summer lakeside address most frequented by European royals, czars and film stars like Greta Garbo, who referred to it as a “happy, sunny place” in Grand Hotel.
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Inside S.F.’s New Rustic Jewish-Italian-Californian Neighborhood Gem

At Che Fico, chef David Nayfeld returns to his roots to buck trends, break rules, and bring Jewish-Italian food to the fore.
Food & Wine Link to Story

This Northern Style Capital Is Having a Major Moment

Set against a stunning natural backdrop, Reykjavík is awash with new design-forward hotels, restaurants, and shops.
Architectural Digest Link to Story

In Copenhagen, Hotel Rooms Worth Traveling For

A handful of the city’s best boutique hotels — some new, others long-established — have become design destinations in their own right. From a hotel in a former coal crane to rooms inspired by theater sets, see highlights from the most notable design-driven hotels in Copenhagen — as well as recommendations for the suites to stay in.
The New York Times Link to Story

Noma Under the Bridge: What does pop-up reveal? | CNN Travel

When chef René Redzepi announced his revolutionary Danish restaurant Noma would be staging a pop-up under a Copenhagen bridge, the excitement was inevitable. Not only was it a chance to sample the team's cooking on home turf, but it might also offer some hints about Noma 2.0, the much-anticipated new version of the restaurant, which opens in February 2018. Link to Story


Gemma Z Price

Since 2005, I've lived in different cities in Japan, Australia and Vietnam. Now based between San Francisco and Saigon, I cover tech, style, food and travel for over 100 international titles and develop branded content, PR and copy for my clients.

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