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Helsinki’s Best Public Saunas: A Guide

Finnish culture revolves around the sauna. Historically, saunas were where Finns brewed their beer, washed their laundry and cured their hams; where babies were born, the sick were healed and the dead were prepared for burial. Today, Finland has more than three million saunas for its 5.5 million people — and the sauna is where all serious conversations about work, sex, relationships, politics and faith take place.
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The Top 10 Shows from Mexico City Fashion Week

Each year, Mexico City Fashion Week gets stronger. Most designers are home-grown, and many are currently in the process of establishing or developing a showroom in the Mexican capital. José Alfredo Silva of Trista is remodeling his atelier and client fitting room; Alexia Ulibarri has just launched her own boutique on a tree-lined street in Polanco, a few streets down from Alejandro Carlín’s workshop.

27 completely gorgeous stores in Copenhagen

A cactus concept store, a hipster bike shop, a retro toyshop where they'll trim your beard… Copenhagen has surely the most fascinating independent stores anywhere in the world. Copenhagen's shopping scene is eclectic with a few consistent themes. From all-encompassing interiors concept stores to niche nooks that make artisanal sweets and coffees, you'll spot strong design and the Danish attention to detail at every turn.
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Vietnam: Just What The Doctor Ordered

Skincare trips in Vietnamese clinics can be booked around sightseeing trips with savings of up to 70 per cent on prices elsewhere.
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Body stripped bare: an introduction to hair removal

The basic principle of hair removal using lasers or light sources is to deliver energy to the treatment area and maximize damage to the hair follicle while sparing the skin and surrounding tissues. Melanin, the pigment which gives both skin and hair its colour is a natural ‘chromophore’ – it's much more concentrated in the hair bulb than in the skin, even in dark-skinned people, and absorbs the beam of light much more readily. During treatment only the hair follicle is damaged, resulting in little or no hair re-growth.
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Lash Out!

"Two thick, lush, lengthy fans swept across my lids. I felt like I could blow a man across the street with a blink." It's hard work being beautiful. Most women spend a great deal of time, effort and - ultimately - money to maintain their appearance, so a simply, painless procedure to accentuate and dramatise your best feature should have some appeal. And, unlike many cosmetic treatments, this one is affordable, non-invasive and results are guaranteed. Tempted? You should be.
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Gemma Z Price

Since 2005, I've lived in different cities in Japan, Australia and Vietnam. Now based between San Francisco and Saigon, I cover tech, style, food and travel for over 100 international titles and develop branded content, PR and copy for my clients.

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